The Manzer Way of Training

We are a company that is built on Faith, Responsibility, Teamwork and an insatiable desire to get better. We require that all of our Trainers and employees model the qualities that we want to see demonstrated in our players. We have to be confident, humble, fit, skilled, tough, and unselfish; ready to adjust to whatever challenges may be thrown at us on the court or in life. We’ve got to lead the way with our words and by our actions.

Our Staff

Patrick Burnett

Director of Operations @ Manzer Basketball Academy Patrick played high school Basketball at Father Judge High School in Philadelphia, PA. He worked as a Student Assistant with Coastal Carolina University Men’s Basketball team from 2001-2005 and Graduated with a Masters in Elementary Education from CCU. Patrick has been with Manzer Basketball Academy since 2012. 

Colin Stevens

Founder and Skills Trainer @ Manzer Basketball Academy, Colin has spent much of his time building up young men and women through Manzer Basketball.  Colin is also the founder of F2, which focuses developing players on and off the court physically, mentally and spiritually. Colin played collegiate basketball for Coastal Carolina University from 2002-2005 and obtained a bachelor's degree in Psychology  Colin is not only a basketball trainer and coach, but a husband, father, mentor and entrepreneur.

Nick Izzo

Skills Trainer and Media Expert @  Manzer Basketball Academy Coming all the way from the Land of Lincoln, Nick Izzo has continuously been a major factor in the growth of Manzer Basketball. Nick is not only a basketball trainer, but his superior skills in photography and videography continue to surprise us here at Manzer. Izzo  is constantly looking for different ways to make others around him better.  

Casey Fulford

Administrative Assistant @ Manzer Basketball Academy Casey has been a backbone for Manzer Basketball when it comes to the behind the scene action. When something is needed to be done, Casey is always willing to give a helping hand. Casey continues to go above and beyond for the youth, parents and staff of Manzer Basketball.

P.C Henry

Skills Trainer @ Manzer Basketball Academy A former graduate of Christian Academy and Erskine College, P.C. Henry has continued to grow under the wings of Colin Stevens. Henry has continued to help develop local, state and collegiate players as they look to improve their skills. Whether the focus is on or off the court, Henry continues to set the standards high for all of the athletes of Manzer Basketball