Individual Skills Training

Individual Skills TrainingOur Individual Training sessions are typically 60 minutes in length and are intense and focused. We teach and train on what that particular player needs. This is a great time for players to really understand how hard and how smart they need to work on their own. After all, players are made better by their own work and desire. Players are expected to bring maximum effort and focus so that they can get everything out of the session and take it back with them to continually work on.

Individual training allows us to go into great detail that can make a big difference in how the player understands training, and the game. We help players make important strides in the following areas:

Individual Skills TrainingShooting: Technique, shot thoughts, off the catch, off the dribble, and game speed scenarios.

Ballhandling: Ball control, ball handling vs. pressure, ball handling in the full court, dribble moves to attack, passing and catching.

Footwork: Becoming efficient with their steps, utilizing the pivot, proper defensive footwork, post and guard footwork.

Mental Game: Working through adversity, gaining confidence through work and knowledge, truly thinking the game.

We want players to become accustomed to the process of improvement – there is no quick route to becoming your best. It’s a continual process of working the right way and getting hours upon hours of that proper repetition.