Colin gets the best out of me, no matter what I am doing, and when you think you are at your peak, he pushes you to another level.
~Jo Harris, Salon Vilpas, Finland, 5th Year Professional

Manzer is a great place to take it to the next level.  Next level training, energy, intensity and mentalities are everywhere.  Great trainers and people put me through different workouts and challenges every time I work out.
~Michael Shipman, 9th grade

Manzer Basketball has really helped me this offseason.  I have become a better ball handler and a better shooter.  I have become more confident because they are making me a better player.  These guys are really great trainers.  They know their stuff!
~Larry Wideman, Sophomore @ Furman University

Manzer Basketball Academy has helped me improve a lot over the two years I have been training with them.  They have pushed me to new limits that I have never been pushed to before, and they have raised my standards and goals.  I am very blessed that I have had the opportunity to train with Colin, Dave and Kira.  All three of them have made me so much better.  I don’t know where I would be as a basketball player without those three people.  Colin is a great trainer, and the best trainer I have ever worked with.  I’m very blessed to workout with these 3 guys a few times a week.
~Luke Stankavage,  6th Grade

Our son Rivers has worked with Colin Stevens and Manzer basketball for two seasons now, and his game has benefited greatly from the skills work.  He is more focused and has been able to make adjustments to various aspects of his game that really make a difference for him.  He has always had good endurance, but I believe the sprints and running skills have pushed his level there as well.  He definitely has a better shot now, and more confidence to shoot in a game. Positive reinforcement and good sportsmanship are a valuable part of the program as well.  We plan to continue to use Manzer over the next few years.  Thanks for being such a good role model, Colin!
~Julia and Earl Singleton, parents of River Singleton

From the YMCA to a state champion! That is where my daughter went, largely in part to the individual coaching she received from the Manzer Basketball Academy. Katy came to Manzer as a 7th grader hoping to make her B-Team. Not only did she make the team, she started her first game. After each season she returns to Manzer to improve her skills and work on parts of her game. After this season as a 9th grader on JV, she was called up to the varsity for playoffs and went on to be part of Myrlte Beach High’s state championship team. Quite a leap from just hoping to make the B-Team. Manzer has improved not only her skills, but also her confidence and has changed the way she approaches the game. I hold Manzer and Colin the highest regard for the great influence they have had on my daughter.
~Shawn Campman, Father of Katy Campman

Manzer Bastketball Academy is well run, first rate and has made a vital difference in my son’s game . . . from conditioning to shooting to movement on the court, he has learned and is continuing to learn from the gifted individuals at Manzer to become more confident, a better ball player, ball handler, defender, shooter and thinker . . . I recommend them as an essential tool toward making your sorn or daughter more solid at their game and to become all that they can be in this wonderful game . . . They have a heart for our kids and support them in the game on and off the court.
~Keith Hellmer, Father of Graham Hellmer

Colin is always doing what’s best for me and knows exactly how to react when he sees something wrong. He’s a great coach and friend.
~Brooks Swanson, 12th Grade

Colin pushes me to the next level with fun and excitement. He’s funny too.
~Robert Swanson, 8th Grade

Each time I see Colin, I am overjoyed by his enthusiasm and energy. If I am having a bad day, he somehow helps me turn it around. If my kids are having a bad day, he turns that around. He finds the positive in everything. He is kind, fair, uplifting and a terrific role model for kids and adults alike.
~Carolyn Swanson, Parent