Players: Are you maximizing your time outside of the gym?

Players are you maximizing your time when you can’t get in the gym?

Getting shots up and on court work is essential to becoming a great player. But what are other ways you can become a top performer off the court?
Here are 3 of ways:
1) Work on your strength and fitness. If you have access to a gym then get there and put your time in to building your strength. If you don’t know what you’re doing then connect with a trainer or an older player that can help you. However, you don’t need a gym to do body weight exercises. Push-ups, core work (sit ups and planks etc), lunges and squats are just some of the ways you can become stronger with no gym access. Running hills, stadiums, sprints and miles are some other great ways to work on your cardio.
2) Improve your mental game and IQ. Sharpen your mind by reading a book. There are plenty of great books out there about basketball, pick one up and keep pushing your mind. Also watch some video. Get online and look up some clips of your favorite NBA player or if you have access to your own game tape then watch it and make note of things you did well and things you could improve upon. Now you’ll be even more prepared for what you can work on the next time you hit the court.
3) Pay attention to what you put in your body. Sugary treats and carb packed snacks will actually leave you sluggish when you hit the court. Try to get as many vegetables and fruits and protein, even if you don’t like them all that much. This will fuel your body to perform even better. You wouldn’t put water in gas tank of your car would you? No, it needs the correct gasoline to function at its highest level. Same thing for your body. Put the best fuel you can into your tank and your body will be able to perform at a high level.
Look, you can make excuses why you didn’t or can’t do any of these 3 things. Or you can be dedicated and make great use of your time when you’re not on the court. Again, if you don’t know where to start on any of this then ask someone who has been where you want to go to help you. Follow people who will lead you for your betterment not their own.
Let’s keep growing. Let’s keep improving!