About Manzer

The Manzer Name

Manzer Basketball AcademyDave Manzer was a coach who was greatly influential in many players’ lives including the basketball career of Founder and CEO or Manzer Basketball, Colin Stevens. Dave served as a connection between Colin and his would-be college coach, even after Colin decided not to play for Dave at Messiah College. Coach Manzer embodied so many of the characteristics that our company wants to pass on to players including loving the game of basketball with a great passion, loving his family and taking pride in being the best husband and father that he could be, and loving and serving his God. Dave was a faithful Christian who was always looking for the opportunity to care about someone, even if it would cost him much of his time and energy. In this spirit Dave passed Colin along to another college coach and sacrificed the betterment of himself and his program to help Colin reach a level that would otherwise not have been reached. Dave passed away at the age of 50 in 2009 from heart complications. He was a selfless man full of wisdom, knowledge and care for both people and the game. This is the man that our trainers and coaches represent and Manzer Basketball Academy was named in his honor.  Dave let God use him to improve the lives of others that he connected with – we intend to carry on his mission at Manzer Basketball.

Training Philosophy

Each player is different, with a different skill set, mindset, and approach to the game. Not all players can be taught the same way.  It is our goal as trainers to understand each player and learn how to get the best out of them. Players will get more out of their sessions with us than anywhere else because we pay attention to details and we CARE about the players. We understand that their growth on the court is tied to their personal development. We’ll teach them to Outwork, Outsmart and Outlast.

Outwork – When players get involved in our program they will understand that there is no substitute for hard work, and great things cannot be achieved without it. They’ve got to be willing to sacrifice, sweat, fail, and overcome in order to be their best.

Outsmart – We will teach our players the game. Players will learn efficient ways to improve their game, how to read and understand their opponent and how to adjust. Simply working hard is not enough.

Outlast – We want all of our players to adopt this no-quit mentality. And that if they keep pushing and finding solutions then they can eventually reach their goals.
Walt Disney said it best, “The difference between winning and losing is often not quitting”.