Little Hoopers (K-3rd Grade)

Our Little Hoopers program is for young players ages Kindergarten to 3rd grade. We have a specific curriculum for this age group that allows for them to achieve 3 goals:
1) Learn the game. From skills, to terminology and the rules of the game, little hoopers need to know the game.
2) Exercise. These youngsters will get the benefit of developing as an athlete in training and competition.
3) Fun! This is the most important part. The more fun they have, the more they’ll want to learn and get better.

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For our Little Hoopers we offer 2 different programs that are outlined below.

D-League (Tuesdays 4pm-5:30pm)
This is a 3-on-3 League for Little Hoopers. This 4-week program meets once per week for 90 minutes – the first 45 minutes we will teach game concepts, and the next 45 minutes will be assisted game competition. This is a great way for players to learn the game and compete in a fun and challenging environment. We have a Winter League and a Spring League. *Next League Begins Tuesday, March 6th, 2018*

Manzer offers several camps for players to have fun and get better!

Upcoming Camps

Spring Break Camp: April 3rd-5th: 9-12pm @ Myrtle Beach Sports Center: Court #7

Skills Session #1: June 11th – 14th: 9-12pm @ Myrtle Beach Sports Center: Court #7

Skills Session #2: July 23rd – 26th: 9-12pm @ Myrtle Beach Sports Center: Court #7