What makes Manzer Leagues different? We take a complete and comprehensive approach to developing a well-rounded player. We cut our time into thirds, spending 1/3 on Skill Work, 1/3 on 5 on 5 concepts, and 1/3 on Competition. The League lasts anywhere between 8 – 10 weeks. Additionally, all players are coached by coaches who have been there and are passionate about teaching and improving players.

Skill work – We teach and train proper technique regarding: ball handling, footwork, shooting, passing, defense, and player movement. Sixty minutes are dedicated to high intensity training.

5 on 5 Concepts – We explain and implement team tactics and concepts such as: proper spacing, player movement, cutting, screening, ball movement, team defense, on ball defense, and help defense. Sixty minutes are dedicated to team teaching, and there is a high demand on focus and attention from the players.

Competition – Finally, we put all of this into action in our 5 on 5 competition. Players are coached by the Manzer Staff to facilitate proper teaching and a non-biased approach for all players. Games last 1 hour long, giving players a great opportunity to apply what they’ve learned and trained for.

Fall League 2016 – Tuesday/Thursday Nights (September 6th thru October 25th)

Winter League 2016 – Tuesday / Thursday Nights (November 29th thru January 31st)