Game Improvement Tips From Pros

  • December 18, 2014
  • Small Group Training Manzer Basketball Academy


NBA Great Chris Mullin said that players with good form need to shoot 500 shots per day to be great shooters. If players have poor form as they get older, their form should not be changed, they just need to shoot 2,000 per day to be great shooters. If you develop poor form, you’ll have to do 4x the amount of work of a shooter with good form. Develop good habits early.

  • Success
    Pastor Pat Willson says “True success will be measured by who you are and what you do”.
    Keys to success are:
    1) Preparation – Be ready for your opportunity, Daily consistent work
    2) Discipline – Self-control, Paying attention to details, Set boundaries for yourself
    3) Focus – Don’t become distracted by: People, Places or Pressures
    4) Perserverance – Don’t allow yourself to be taken down. Stand in the face of adversity
  • Competition
    NBA Skills Trainer Aubrey McCreary says, “You must be ready to compete and you must continue to improve, because there is ALWAYS someone trying to take your spot”. If you want something, you’ll have to outwork all of the others that want it as well.
  • Play Low
    The lower you get, the stronger you are, the faster you are, the quicker you are. You even have better balance.
  • On the Ball Defense
    Focus on the midsection of the player. Step quickly with your weight on the front of your feet, and don’t hop to cover ground. Stay low and balanced to stay in front of your man.
  • Fitness
    The better condition that you are in, the better you will perform. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” ~ Vince Lombardi
  • Handle
    When practicing your dribble, control the ball with your fingertips, while pounding the ball on the floor. Be STRONG with your dribble.
  • Effort
    Practice with a high motor. Then you won’t have to think about working hard during the game, it will be second nature for you.