Athletic Performance

Lead Athletic Performance Trainer: Darion Elmore

Darion Elmore is a lover all off things fitness.  Raised in Gaffney, SC, Darion was a 4 year collegiate track and field star achieving NCCAA All-Americans honors and school record holder in the High Jump event. His desire to grow as a coach led him to gain experience multiple branches of the exercise science tree including strength and conditioning programs, college athletics and personal training.

Darion is grateful to have the opportunity to serve people of all fitness levels in reaching their personal goals and making fitness fun for everyone  He is here to help athletes of any sport grow athletically as well as the general population reach their fitness goals.



As an athlete, how your body performs is essential. Can you jump high? Can you run fast? Can you react quickly? Do you have the stamina to perform at a high level throughout the competition?

Max Athlete (7th – 12th Grade)
With this program it is our goal to help athletes move better, be more explosive, react quicker and be as fit as possible. We’ll get your body right, so your skills and ability can take over on the field/court.


Speed Program (All Ages/ All Athletes)

This 4 week program is devoted towards improving your overall speed performance in your sport.  Coach Darion will take you through a progressive program that will focus on improving your speed so you can be at your BEST!